Skirts are shorter, more suitable for girls than for mature women. Although the dresses seemed to remain in the background, they still present in woman’s wardrobe – artistic, richly decorated and with impressive applications.

With everyone trying to stretch their dollars further these days, it makes sense to take care of the things we have, rather than buy replacements. This goes for clothing as much as anything else we own and use on a daily basis.
As a reformed clothes-horse, I struggle to prevent myself from shopping for new duds on a daily basis. These are ways I’ve found that have helped me hang on to clothes I already have. (See also: To Buy or Not to Buy? Criteria for Thrift-Store Clothes Shopping)

1. Know Thyself
The first step in maintaining a wardrobe is to be aware of your cleaning limits and your clothing habits.
If you can’t afford to dry clean clothing, don’t buy dry-clean-only clothes. If you despise ironing and avoid it with all your might, don’t build your wardrobe around French cuff shirts or blouses that need starching. You’ll only regret it later when you can’t be bothered with the cost or hassle of upkeep, and you’ll either have to get rid of the clothes, or wear them wrinkled.

2. Color Wisely
If you have a habit of spilling coffee down your front, there’s no shame in wearing lots of chocolate brown, charcoal gray, and navy blue. Dark colors hide a multitude of clumsy moments.

3. Folding vs. Hanging
Make sure that you don’t fold clothes that need to be hung and don’t hang clothes that need to be folded. Sweater stretch on the hanger and dress shirts don’t do well folded, unless you are an expertly masterful folder of some kind.

4. Dress for The Task at Hand
It can be tempting to simply get messy chores done while wearing whatever it is we wore at work, but that’s a fast way to ruin work clothes. There’s a reason why moms frequently make a distinction between their kids’ “play clothes” and “school clothes.”

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